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Mozzie Trap

Are you tired of slapping yourself in the face while you are trying to sleep?

Annoyed at having to turn on lights at 2am while you chase around small annoying insects with your pillow as a weapon?

Mosquitos are pests and can ruin the most peaceful of sleeps. Besides the huge irritation and inconvenience these little monsters bring into our lives there are also more serious consequences associated with Mozzie bites. The severity of health concerns of diseases transmitted through mosquitos such as Malaria, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever and Encephalitis cannot go overlooked. According to www.malariaconsortium.org “A Child dies every 45 seconds from Malaria [alone].” Currently there are several different options for mosquito control

  • Sprays and ointments – These are consumables and ultimately contain chemicals to keep the mosquitos away, these can get costly during the mozzie season and there are many people who do not want to use these chemicals on small children or even themselves.
  • Poisons – Again even with pads and aerosols this is a consumable and is toxic, we do not want to be exposing ourselves, family and pets to these poisons.
  • Hi-Voltage zappers – Expensive to run due to the hi-voltage needed, they are loud when they trap an insect and the insects often “Fry” emitting foul smelling odours.
  • Mosquito Nets – Are only effective while you are underneath them, so any time during the day or night when you are not in your bed you will be exposed to the risks associated with mosquitos.

Mozzie Trap – A New solution to combat mosquitos

  • Attracts and kills mosquitos.
  • Low voltage – 15W unit so requires very little electricity to run, a ¼ of a 60W light bulb
  • No chemicals or pesticides and Eco-friendly.
  • Silent
  • No odours
  • Safe for children and pets

How it works

  • The Mozzie Trap unit attracts mosquitos using a specialised UV light.
  • A UV Light runs at an optimised nanometre wave length
  • Sturdy, low voltage fan then sucks mosquito into an internal funnel trap
  • Mosquitos cannot escape the trap and die as they dry out with the fan blowing onto them.

Shipping is FREE

We ship to anywhere in SA for free using registered post. You will have a tracking number and will be able to pick up your package at your closest post office at your convenience.